Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Royal Polaris 7-day Accurate Trip (September 15-22, 2013)

Congratulations Robert, Trip JP 85# YFT

The annual Accurate 7-day trip on the Royal Polaris got away early on September 15, 2013.  Frank LoPreste skippered this trip, with Jonathon, Ben, Terence, Eddie, Darren taking care of us on the deck, with Anthony and James taking care of our nutritional needs.

Accurate provided Boss reels with the latest Calstar graphiter rods for the passengers to use for the entire trip.  Izorline provided 40# and 50# fluorocarbon along with XXX mono to top off the reels. 

We started out fishing kelp paddies for yellowtail the first day and then moved over to the Asuncion/Hipolito area for yellowfin tuna on day 2.  We fished Cedros 2 day for nice size yellowtails.  Frank was telling us whenever a school of yellows swam under the boat.  I dropped a blue and white salas 6x jig to the bottom, waited until Frank saw the fish on the machine and then started cranking (saves the arm from unnecessary cranking).  Don’t tell your friends about this, because it works too good.  We fished the last two days off shore for yellowfin tuna.  We had one drift for 6 hrs that put over 300 tuna in the RSW.  Now that was a great stop. 

The jackpot was won by Robert Frank with a 85# yellowfin tuna.  Robert also received the coveted acrylic Accurate trophy for the largest fish caught with a Accurate reel and the daily prize of a 2 speed Boss reel.  Other daily prize winners were Peter Martil (Calstar 875XH factory wrapped rod), Kelly Palmer (Calstar sweatshirt), Gene Sato (Calstar blank), Mike Reed (Swifty spectra washing system),  and Jay Swindler (Maui Jim Sunglass voucher).

I want to thank the following sponsors for supporting this trip with products that were very much appreciated by the passengers.  Accurate Fishing Products, Calstar Rods, Izorline fluorcarbon and mono, Salas lures, Swifty Mfg line washing system, Maui Jim Sunglasses and Baja Fish Gear gift cards. Thank you to Frank and his crew for making this trip a success.  One last thanks to Monica in the RP office for getting us all on board early.   I tried to capture the passengers having fun.  I hope you enjoy the following photos as much as the passengers enjoyed creating them. 

Accurate Trophy for the largest fish caught on a Accurate Reel

Jay Swindler won the Maui Jim Sunglass Voucher

Peter Martil won the Calstar 875XH Rod

Kelly Palmer won a Calstar Sweatshirt

Mike Reed won the Swifty Spectra Washing System

Gene Sato won the Calstar 700M blank
Robert Frank won the 2-speed Boss Reel
Hi Patrick
Las Vegas buddies Jim and Art

Peter caught two YFT at one time

Big Dodo Jim
Nice Yellow Robert

Big Cedros Yellow caught by Mike
Al and Vince with dual dorados

Gene with Jonathon
Karl with Eddie

Glenn, turn the handle

Jonathon with Vic's Tuna
Look Matt Salas, a 7X scrambled egg
Nice Yellow Doug

Hanging out with Phil, Gary, Joe, Eric, Ben and Terence 

Joe having fun behind Kelly

Sugi, that rod is too big for you

"It's All About the Reel"

Gene, congratulation on winning the Calstar 700M 

"little" help sorting fish

Robert's JP fish

Don't fall in Mike

Larry, Nice job on you first trip

Bob got this on plastic

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Glenn said...

Gary - Thanks for being such a gracious host and sponsor. Also, thanks goes out to Accurate and the other sponsors for the wonderful prizes and gifts. We had a great time with a great bunch of guys. Look forward to fishing with you again.