Monday, April 13, 2015

Calstar Prototype Rod with Accurate ATD-50T (looks like bad news for cows)

Cow Fishermen,
I have been working with Calstar on a new idea for a cow rail rod.  Some of you may have seen the 8.5 fl long, 4XH prototype rail rod that I was carrying around the Long Beach Fred Hall show.  Jonathan Yamate (RP skipper), Roy Rose (RP skipper) and John Yamate (Seaforth Landing and Jonathan's father) are helping me test the prototype on the current RP  Nakaki 18-day trip.  You can also see the ATD-50T reel that Jonathan used to make fast work of the big fish.  Hopefully they will hook and land many more like this to give the rod and reel a good test and provide lots of valuable data to make a decision on producing the rod.  Thanks for the photos Jonathan.

Thanks for checking out this post,

Text and photo copied from the RP web report from April 10.
Jonathan took out this 180 pound Yellowfin tuna on his watch using an Accurate ATD 50 and a new Cal-Star prototype Rod, thanks to Cal-Star for the new rod, it’s what the doctor order.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

January 2015 Accurate 14-day Trip on the American Angler

Accurate 14-Day American Angler Trip (Jan 8-22, 2015)

As in all the past American Anger Accurate trips, we had a great time fishing with all of our friends, learn some new stuff, made some new friends and got to know our old friends even better.  The 31 card game sure made the travel days go by fast.

Jackpot Winners
(Tom Mato 222#, Dom Reale 203#, Ed Flocken 202#)

Tom Mato receiving the Accurate Trip Trophy

Thank you to Brian Kiyohara and his great American Angler crew for making us successful at catching big tuna and wahoo.  The wahoo fishing at the Rocks was phenomenal (30-40# wahoo, in January).  Thank you to the sponsors that support of fishing trip (Accurate for the reels, Calstar for great rail rods, Izorline for the worlds strongest mono, fluoro and spectra, Swifty Mfg for spectra washing system, Baja Fish Gear for a large gift card, hats, t-shirts and reel cover, Salas Lures for the many wahoo jigs that worked real well until the wahoo bit it off.  I hope you enjoy the photos of the prize winners and all the passengers having a great time making memories.

I hope to see all of you on next years trip.  Make sure you talk to Lori.

Gary Teraoka

Calstar Day on the Accurate Trip

John Yarbrough won a Calstar 770XXH rod
for the biggest fish on the Calstar Day

Izorline Day on the Accurate Trip

Izorline Spectra, Fluoro and Mono is Today's Prize

Tom Mato won Izorline Fluoro, Spectra and XXX mono
 for the biggest fish on Calstar day

Accurate Day on the Accurate Trip

Must be a reel given away today

Jay Love won a Accurate Boss Reel
for the biggest fish on Accurate day

Swifty Day on the Accurate Trip

Swifty plates and inserts today
Ed Flocken won a complete set of Swifty spectra washing spools
for the biggest fish on Swifty day

Baja Fish Gear Day on the Accurate Trip

Dom Reale won a BFG gift card, t-shirt, reel covers
for the biggest fish on BFG day

Accurate Demo Reel and Photo Raffle

A second photo, must be another reel today

Mark Johnson won a Accurate Boss Reel
from the Reel Demo and Photo Raffle

Pat Patrykus Sr. and John Yarbrough won sweatshirts
as runner ups to the Boss Reel Raffle

31 Card Game Tournament

We had the 3rd annual 31 FB tournament on the ride home.  Pat Sr., Pat Jr., Darrell, John, Matt and Drew made it to the final 6 table for the championship.  Accurate provided a plier/sheath/lanyard for first place, along with the highly coveted custom t-shirt trophy.  Accurate sweatshirt for 2nd place and Accurate T-shirt for 3rd place.    

31 Tournament Final 6

The Winners
 (1st John Yarbrough, 2nd Matt Bruce, 3rd Andrew Viola)

The coveted 31 champions t-shirt trophy
Thank you to Tom Mato, 31 Tournament Director

Photos of Everyone Making Friends and Memories

Seth Taylor
 wahoo on the demo, he was always bit

Old fishing friends for many years now

Now that is a motley crew

Old Friends, Kohei finally got Russ to come on a long trip,
He liked it.

Matt Salas is on again, must be the jig

Felix with a nice one

Mato with a real-deal tuna

Kohei getting down to business

Nice form, Jr.
Chris on a big one that turned into a shark,
he had fun winding back on all that spect

We had a outdoor head and Kohei is using it

Dom and Ed with their morning Cows

The Flocken brothers and Ed's Cow

Nice wahoo Jr., with a demo Dauntless 

Nice form John, must be the test reel

Sr. and I with twin wahoos

Chris with a test reel wahoo

Kohei, where your mountain bike?

Sr with his agent Matt, Yarbrough won all the prizes

Felix, Kohei and John

Wahoo ready

Jr and Ed, waiting

Glad to have your aboard Jay Love, next time bring LeeAnn

Fishing Buddies

Dom and John, why are you smiling?

Darrell with a red/black 400 Boss

John wearing the pliers he won in the 31 tournament

John with a test reel wahoo

The Bishop CA connection

Ed with a yellowtail on a coffee grinder

Yarbrough with a wahoo demo reel

Nice bend Drew
Russ, is this fun?

Me with Wicked Tuna rod and the "blue" 80,
See the rod not bend with 50# of drag, fun 

John with the Calstar rod winning Cow
Jason with wahoo

Jason with a Accurate SR-30

Chris with a demo dauntless

Nice crew shirt, Drew

Nice to have you back on the trip Mark