Monday, August 11, 2014

Accurate 5-day American Angler Trip Report (July 28 - Aug 2, 2014)

The Accurate Reels sponsored 5-day trip on the American Angler got underway after loading a boat full of very precious sardines.  These would be key to a very successful “catching” trip.  Thank you to the Everingham Brothers bait company.

We went straight west after clearing the point, fishing in U.S. waters for both yellowfin tuna and bluefin tuna.  After catching over a 100 of each type of tuna, we headed to San Martin for some yellowtail.  We were able to catch over a hundred Cedros size yellows in one morning, so we headed back to the U.S. waters for a chance at some big tuna.  We were able to hook 5 of the bigger tuna but only landed 2 of these 80# class big ones.  Those two made the first two sports for the JP.  The largest yellowtail (26#) was third place.  

John Medler (26# yellowtail) Mike Uyeki (75# BFT) Peter Chernishov (83# BFT)

Every passenger and crew received a gray Accurate T-shirt.  Thank you to Accurate for supplying reel upgrade parts, Calstar for providing a complete rod and t-shirts, Izorline for spectra, fluoro, mono, flex wrap, BSI for spectra glue, Baja Fish Gear for T-shirts and gift cards, Salas Lures for surface and yoyo jigs.  Izorline also provided a couple of spools of it’s newest XXX in green.  A special thanks to Mario Giho of Sportsman Seafood for the smoked tuna and tuna jerky as well as discounts on same-day fish processing.

Peter Chernishov landed the largest tuna (83#) and received the Accurate trophy for the largest fish.  Peter also won the daily prize and received a 500 yd spool of Izorline spectra and a highly coveted Accurate sweatshirt.  

Largest fish of the trip (Peter Chernishov)

4th Day - Daily Prize Winner (Peter Chernishov)

Steve Doreck won the Accurate Boss reel for the largest yellowtail on day 3.

3rd Day - Daily Prize Winner (Steve Doreck)

Mike Uyeki won the Accurate pliers, sheath and lanyard for the largest tuna on the 2nd day.

2nd Day - Daily Prize Winner (Mike Uyeki)

Dave Sheerin won a Calstar rod for the biggest yellowtail on the 1st day.  

1st Day - Daily Prize Winner (Dave Sheerin)

Thank you to all the passengers and crewmembers for making this a very successful trip.  Everyone caught lots of fish and made had a great time making new fishing friends.  I hope to see everyone back again next year.  Please contact Lori at the American Angler office to get on next years trip.

I hope you find yourself having fun in these trip photos.

Gary Teraoka

Roger focusing (is that a smile?)

"nice one" Mike

Cam and I switching jobs

The meeting place
So this is what happened to the BFT donated to the galley

Kevin with his Boss Fury

Kub "adopted" Cam, Did Roger "adopt" Drew?

New Crewmember David, good guy

New Crewmember Justin, also a good guy

I got to bleed Rogers tuna with a head shot

David with a nice YFT

Kub in his usual position

John on a fish

Jimmy, hope you had a great time fishing with us

Kub with a nice one
John's about ready, Cam is right there

Mike, you are in a lot of photos this trip

Look what I caught, a flylined stingray (what?)
Ray, "hows it"


Russ, nice meeting you and your group

Rick, what a nice 25# outfit you have there

David and Dave with the 2 big yellowtails for the day

My trolling outfit (BX2-30 Narrow, 80# XXX mono)
Roger, don't strain too hard or you will launch the beannie 

Trevor, you look like a pro

Dan with one of his first tunas
Congratulations and Best Wishes to Cameron on your wedding
Remember - happy wife, happy life

Thursday, February 13, 2014

13-Day Accurate American Angler Trip (Jan 8-21, 2014)

The Accurate sponsored 13-day trip on the American Angler got away eary in the morning.  Checkin was at 6 AM and we pulled away from the dock at 7 AM.  We loaded up on the healthiest batch of 6-8 inch sardines from the receivers and headed south (thank you Everingham Bros. Bait Co).  These sardines were so big, I used a larger circle hook.

Which one do you want to use?

Accurate supplied "lots of" Accurate reels and Calstar provided the latest rail rods in the 770 and 775 series.  This makes for a very formidable combination for landing cows.  The reels are all loaded with Izorline spectra and Izorline also provided mono and fluorocarbon top shots for these outfits.  (The tuna didn’t have a chance.)  The JP photo shows 1st place to Steve Heffner (242#), 2nd place to Matt Bruce (232#) and 3rd place to Ron Bryan (231#) along with skipper Brian Kiyohara.

1st Steve Heffner 242#, 2nd Matt Bruce 232#, 3rd Ron Bryan 231#

Steve also won the Accurate trophy for the big fish of the trip

Accurate t-shirts were passed out to all passengers and crew.  My friend Ernie Seko provided custom built line keepers for fluorocarbon spools.  Quite simple, effective and ingenious.  Everyone loved them.  We had a raffle after every seminar.  Baja Fish Gear provided gift cards for their shop,  Bill Roecker provided calendars, videos and a copy of his “At the Rail” long range book, jigs from Salas, spectra washing spools from Swifty Mfg.,Mustad hooks, connection glue from BSI, line products from Izorline, trolling lures from Halco, Maui Jim sunglasses provided discount vouchers and upgrade reel parts from Accurate.

When not rigging outfits, the passengers were all tuning up their “31” card game in preparation of the “31” tournament on the ride home. 

We fished the buffer zone at Clarion Island for 4.5 days.  The fishing was so good that after 2 days we were cutting off tunas under 100#.  The next day, we raised the minimum size to 140# and on the 5th day the cut off was “cow” or better.  We kept 5 fish on the 5th day morning and then left one day early to give Cedros a try.  We did this 2 years ago and it was a blast.  This trip ended with 16 cows and the boat plugged with the “good size” tuna.  We only managed a dozen yellowtail but we caught and released many large calicos.   I’ll let the photos speak for the details of the trip.  You can tell that everyone was having a great time.  

Matt Salas won the Calstar 775 XXXH rod daily prize for day one with a 215# cow.  On day 2, Pat Jr. won a Accurate sweatshirt for his 232# yft.  The biggest fish for day 3 and 4 won a Accurate Boss reel and Matt Bruce was the lucky angler with a 232.5# tuna.  On day 5, Steve Heffner took the prize of a Maui Jim sunglass voucher for 70% off with a trip jackpot winning 243# yft.  Steve was also the winner of the Accurate trophy.  Harvey Rosen received a 50% off Maui Jim sunglass voucher just for his enthusiasm for the sunglasses.  

Matt Salas won a Calstar 777XXXH for his 215# tuna

Jr. won a sweatshirt for the big fish for the day

Seth got a sweatshirt for releasing the most fish

Matt Bruce won the Boss Reel with his 232# YFT

Steve and Harvey got the Maui Jim sunglass voucher

The "Final 6" in the "31" Tournament
On the trip home we held the 2nd annual “31 Foldem Bitches” card tournament.  We had one and a half day of qualification play with 24 passengers and crew participating.  (It is really cool that we can compete with the crew members and really expand the bonding process.)  The semi-finals reduced the field from 12 to the final 6.  The 6 finalist were Taro, Mac Beare, Steve Heffner, Leon Bundy, John Flocken and myself.  Congratulations to the winner Leon Bundy (received a Accurate plier, sheath and lanyard) and runner-up Mac Beare (received a Accurate t-shirt). 

Mato made a sweatshirt for the "31" Tournament

The "31" Tournament.  Winner: Leon Bundy,  2nd: Mac Beare

Thank you to all the passengers, crew and sponsors for making this a very successful trip.  Next year this trip will grow by one day to become a 14-day trip.  I am looking forward to fishing with everyone again next year.  I hope to see you all at the Fred Hall show in Long Beach.  Stop by the Accurate, Calstar and Izorline booth.  I will be at one of them every day of the show. 

Gary Teraoka 

Taro "wrenching" on a "good one"

Steve, that is a "big one"

"Rail Shot"

Go Drew, Go Drew, the clock is ticking
Bobby in charge of the bait

"Tiny" Josh

Wally, "license and registration please"

Harvey, are we having fun?
Hey Captain, "where did you get the nice fishing gear"

My buddy Drew, Brian is fishing with the "good stuff" in the background
Ron, are you smiling because of the tuna or the beer?

Joe, fishing with smokes and a drink, "really"

Way to go Jr.  Dad got the big one last year, you got the big one this year

Cameron thinking about what John has hooked

Tom and I looking for a bite
Matt showing us how to use a Salas jig

Darrell, uses the same fishing stance as Gary G. (below)

Gary using the same fishing stance as Darrell (above)

Nice Calico Darrell, especially on a "Cow" tuna trip
Sr. showing off the "349" style on a small fish (200#)

Mac having fun
Bill, nice hat, matches the reel

"Nice one" coming over the rail

Sr., that fish is so big you need a bigger t-shirt

"get-um"  John

John concentrating, don't bother him now

John getting wahoo ready

Tom threw the outfit in on a back-up and got if back (now he gets to change the bearings)

Brother Ed on a "good one"

Cameron yanking on one for the crew speed contest

Matt has the best outfit for the "31" game

Seth, modeling his Baja Fish Gear T-shirt

Joe,Wally and Seth

Leon, John, Bill, John, Ed

Tom, Mac, Ron, Steve, Pat Jr., Pat Sr.

Matt, Jerry, Harvey, Matt, Darrell
Leon having fun
"Screen Saver" sunset at Clarion Island